Camping New Triton, Plaka Drepanon

Nafplio - the most beautiful town of Greece - at least the Nafpliotes are convinced about that. Thousands of tourists from all over the world agree with them. It is only 11 km from Triton New Camping. Fortunately the town and the picturesque environs hasn't been spoiled by modern mass tourism. Nafplio is a perfect place for a romantic stroll or gourmet retauration. There might be no other small town in Greece with so many tavernas.
Nafplio is a town with a lot of ventian charm. You will see many typical old stone stairs in the old part of the town. The Staikopoulou street is beeing called the taverna-street (up). bourtzi

King Otto statue is really popular with the pupils and students visiting Nafplio from all over Greece.



The little Venetian fortress "Bourtzi" at the harbour entrance of Nafplio (left) was built by the Venetians. It was the hangman residence...

Venentian, Turkish, Greek - many rulers left their traces on the fortress Palamidi which is lightened at night.

Platía "Syntagmatos", the Constitution Square of the is completely paved with marble  In former Venetian barrack you can now visit the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio. (background in the middle)